The Ardennes

The Ardennes

The Luxembourgish Ardennes is one of the largest regions in Luxembourg, found in the northern half of Luxembourg. T

he Luxembourgish Ardennes only makes up part of the entire Ardennes, a network of forests, hills and worn-down mountains that stretches across Luxembourg, Belgium and, to a lesser extent, France. An exploration along the extensive footpaths to see any one of the Luxembourg's natural parks or castles in the Ardennes is well worth the visit.

One of the nature parks especially worth visiting is the Upper-Sûre Natural Park. Located near the Sûre River, this park is committed to both preserving the park's natural beauty and purity and maintaining low-density tourism. To that end, the park maintains its footpaths and offers tours of the natural environments and the chapels, castle ruins, and stone mills that pervade it. The Upper-Sûre Lake located in the park is also a popular destination for tourists looking for water-based diversions.

Other nature parks worth investigating include the Our Natural Park. A number of castles in the area provide both delicious eye candy and a transcendent exploratory experience for the traveller. Most famous in the region, and justly so, is Vianden Castle, located in the town of Vianden. Many other castles are also available to explore; the major ones include Bourscheid Castle near Ettelbruck, the Esch-sur-Sûre Castle in the north (free entry), and Wiltz Castle.

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