School trips to France

School trips to France

If you're looking for somewhere to take your students on holiday, you might be interested in school trips to France.

The country has plenty to offer children and teenagers as its regions boast attractions and sights that will be useful for those studying a range of subjects, including history, art and geography.

As France is so close to the UK, it is also a popular destination for a short school excursion, enabling kids to get the benefits of heading abroad while only having to travel for a few hours.

But despite its proximity to Britain, pupils will benefit from experiences they would not be able to have in the UK, such as seeing the French Alps, walking through World War I battlefields and visiting the Loire Valley wine region.

Equity School Travel can offer tailor-made school trips to France, enabling you to provide a holiday for pupils that is suited to their studies exactly.

What is there to see in France?

There is a wide selection of places in France to visit on educational trips and school groups are likely to find something to learn with an excursion to the country.

Equity School Travel can offer you advice if you're looking for a package specific to the subject being studied by the school group – for instance, we can tell you where a good place for history pupils to visit is or where budding chefs are able to taste the best produce.

You might want to head to Normandy where you can see the D-Day landing beaches, as well as World War II cemeteries.

Fashion students may like school tours to Paris and those interested in art could find a visit to Provence inspiring, just like other artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh have in the past.

Equity School Travel can help you find the perfect trip

Once you have chosen which area of France you want to take your group of keen learners to, you can get help and advice from Equity School Travel.

Our team of experts specialise in different areas of the world and are happy to create a holiday package that will suit the age of the youngsters, as well as their studies and interests.

We have been helping schools organise tours since 1991 and know exactly what trips will enable kids to get the most out of the expedition, encouraging them to develop new skills and learn more about French culture.

For more information on the options for taking a school group to France, call us on 01273 648 248 or email