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A weekend in… Frankfurt


The birthplace of Goethe and Anne Frank, Frankfurt is a lively German city where history and tradition rubs shoulders with towering skyscrapers, as Gilly Pickup discovers…

A weekend in…Chania

Chania harbour in Crete, Greece

Chania’s reputation as the most beautiful city in Crete is richly deserved and its history goes back over 7,000 years. The architecture of the atmospheric Old Town is mainly Venetian and Turkish, reflecting long periods of occupation, but its flavour today is definitely Greek.

A weekend in…Chicago

There's more to Chicago than meets the eye

Chicago – a popular stopover city and a major airport hub for United Airlines – may not be the first place holidaymakers think of when travelling to the US. It is however, an extraordinary city which deserves much more than just a cursory glance as you pass through.

A weekend in…Dundee

The Tay Bridge spans the Firth of Tay

Dundee may not seem like the obvious choice of weekend trip destination. However, it is an agreeable stopover if you’re en route between the Highlands and the cities of Edinburgh or Glasgow; or if you fancy a cheap weekend with some decent cultural attractions away from the draw of Scotland’s ‘big two’.

A weekend in…New York

New York at night

Packing in as many New York attractions as you can in 48 hours is a challenging task, even for the most experienced and organised of tourists – as Ronnie Esplin discovers

A weekend in…Lisbon

Lisbon city guide

Want a city break with a virtual guarantee of good weather, a host of sights both old and new and plenty of bargains to be had? Let's look at Lisbon…



(photo: Thinkstock)

Epitomised by pristine, palm-fringed beaches and turquoise seas, these laid-back paradise Islands also boast vibrant cultures and plenty of activities, from hiking to diving.

Central America

La Fortuna, Costa Rica (photo: Thinkstock)

Unspoiled beaches, misty cloud rainforests, colourful cultures and spectacular volcanoes are some of the features and landscapes that dominate Central America.


Venice (photo: Thinkstock)

Europe is a melting pot of different cultures, traditions and landscapes and boasts some of the world’s most famous landmarks – from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the ancient Colosseum in Rome. Packed into a relatively compact geographical area, Europe’s rich diversity is bound to astound travellers.

North Africa and the Middle East

(photo: Thinkstock)

From the souks of magical Marrakech and the iconic Pyramids of Cairo to the futuristic city of Dubai, North Africa and the Middle East is a blend of old and new, tradition and modernity.

North America

Lake Louise, Canada (photo: Thinkstock)

North America needs no introduction. Boasting some of the world’s most famous cities – New York and Las Vegas – as well as spectacular natural landscapes, notably the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Canadian Rockies, North America has everything a traveller could hope for.

North Asia

Mt. Fuji (photo: Thinkstock)

North Asia is home to some of the most fascinating cultures in the world.


Ayers Rock (photo: allstar)

From Australia’s aboriginal Outback to the immaculate beaches of fun-filled Fiji and not forgetting the lakes, volcanoes and verdant heights of New Zealand, Oceania encompasses some of the best sights and destinations in the world.

South America

(photo: Thinkstock)

The vibrant cultures, colours and character of the countries in South America are bound to amaze, inspire and challenge travellers. A continent of contrasts, from lush rainforests to spectacular deserts to snow-capped peaks, there is an incredible amount to discover and explore.

South Asia

Taj Mahal (photo: allstar)

Dominated by the mighty Himalayas, South Asia also encompasses the positively pulsating cities of India, the serene paddy fields of Nepal and the exotic beauty of Sri Lanka.

South-East Asia

Bali (photo: Thinkstock)

Ornate temples, tropical landscapes and captivating cultures are some of the delights that holidaymakers will discover in South-East Asia.

Sub-Saharan Africa

(photo: Thinkstock)

A vast continent, Sub-Saharan Africa is entirely different everywhere else. Epitomised by the safari parks of South Africa, where you can observe the 'Big Five' in their natural habitat, Sub-Saharan Africa also encompasses the unique and magical Madagascar, the iconic Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the roaring Victoria falls in Zimbabwe.

United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace (photo: Thinkstock)

The United Kingdom boasts a charm and character that is entirely its own.