Where to visit on a trip across western America

Friday, 25 November 2011 11:56 AM

Where to visit on a trip across western America

Where to visit on a trip across western America

There are so many destinations to visit when it comes to choosing where to go as part of an America travel adventure. However, you may want to concentrate your trip on the west coast of the US, as there are plenty of sights and attractions to keep you busy here.

One of the most famous locations in western USA is Los Angeles, so make sure to include this in your places to go to.

The city is most well-known for being the country's movie capital and you'll find plenty of references to this. For instance, you could see Hollywood Stars of some of the world's most famous names on Hollywood Boulevard. Walk past Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney or Sophia Loren's star and get a taste of LA's film history.

You could also head into the Hollywood Hills where you will be able to get a closer look at the famous Hollywood Sign.

Before you embark on trips across America to see more of the western part of the country, you might want to enjoy a day on the beach and get some rest prior to your adventure.

Venice Beach is a great location to do this, as it not only offers the golden sand and bright sunshine that is synonymous with LA, but it is also an ideal place to soak up the Californian atmosphere. As you recline on the shore, watch girls in bikinis roller-skate on the boardwalk, or take a look at guys playing basketball on a beachside court. These are sure to be things you don't often see at home!

From LA, you could take a trip to another of America's famous cities - Las Vegas.

You'll be familiar with the bright lights of Sin City - as it is commonly referred to - but being here yourself is sure to be a completely different experience. If you really want to embrace the occasion, you could get to grips with all the sights, attractions and entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer.

Why not hop in a limo and drive down The Strip in style? Or, you might like to watch an impressive Cirque du Soleil performance, try your luck at one of the many casinos in the city or head to a prestigious nightclub to show off your dance moves.

Las Vegas isn't just famous for its nightlife though and one thing you could do during the day is attempt the world's highest thrill ride at the Stratosphere Hotel. Indeed, dropping 1,149 feet to the ground won't be something you forget in a hurry!

Combine your trip to Las Vegas with an adventure in the Grand Canyon National Park. Home to the famous landmark of the same name, this is a must-visit sight on many travellers' list when coming to America.

Walk along the edge of the red sandy gorge and take in the views of the 446-km long, 29-km wide and 1.6-km deep crevice.

You're sure to want to have a lot of photos of the Grand Canyon so make sure your camera is ready to take some snaps!

While simply taking in views of the Arizona desert landscape as a backdrop to this gorge is certainly impressive, you may also want to see the canyon close up. In which case, you might be interested in going white-water rafting along the Colorado River and riding the rapids.

Alternatively, for superb views of the entire area, you could go on a flight over the canyon.

Heading back to the west coast of the US, finish your California tours in San Francisco. This city is a great place to end your adventure, as it has a charming atmosphere and some fantastic sights.

You'll be able to get some breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean, and daytrips to the prison island of Alcatraz are popular among holidaymakers in the metropolis.

Or, you may also to take in San Francisco's other famous landmark and visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Have a look at the rusty red structure from the mainland or venture out on to the once longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world by hiring a bike.

There are so many iconic sights to take in on your trip to western America, so make sure you leave enough time to explore this region thoroughly before you embark on a tour of the rest of the country.