Where to find adventure and thrills in America

Friday, 18 November 2011 9:56 AM

Get adventurous in Alaska

Get adventurous in Alaska

If you like your holidays to be adventurous, but still want the chance to enjoy peace and quiet and relaxation, have you considered America? From the popular Grand Canyon in the USA to the jungles of Mexico, the destination offers a variety of activities.

Although it might not be the first place to pop into your head for activity holidays, Alaska is one part of the USA that should be near the top of your list of places to visit.

The state of Alaska is truly stunning - with dazzling blue glaciers, crystal-clear lakes and lush greenery just some of the beauty spots that you can feast your eyes upon.

As well as going on hikes and walks to spot some of the animals that call Alaska home - like moose, polar bears and bison - a break here provides you with ample opportunity to enjoy some adventurous activities.

One Alaskan destination is Anchorage, which is located in the southern-central part of the state and here you can take part in guided glacier walks, mountain biking, ice climbing and canoeing, as well as camping in the wilderness.

Another USA state that will provide thrills and sighs galore is Arizona. Why not book Grand Canyon rafting trips for the ultimate way to explore this part of America?

Almost 280 miles in length, the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country and lies close to Utah and Nevada. You will get the chance to tackle grade four rapids on your white-water rafting trip, as well as enjoying a more leisurely swim in the side canyons.

The Grand Canyon National Park is divided by the gushing Colorado River - which you will raft down - into the North and South Rims, with the latter much busier than its secluded northern counterpart.

After tackling the rapids, enjoy a relaxed paddle down the river and keep your eyes peeled for coyotes, great blue herons, golden eagles and hawks.

Don't forget to consider a trip to Canada. This part of America is well-known for the outdoors lifestyle the locals lead, as well as the variety of opportunities available to push your excitement levels higher.

The Rockies should not be missed when in Canada and Alberta and British Colombia are perhaps the best locations from which you can discover the mountain range.

On an adventure trip to the country you can be scaling glaciers on foot or by aeroplane one minute, before finding yourself soothing your muscles in a hot spring the next. It is also worth simply strolling through the lush vegetation found here so you can truly appreciate the beauty of the area without anything to distract you.

This is why camping is one of the best ways to discover Canada, as you lie under the night sky at one with nature.

Adventure can also be found on Yucatan holidays to Mexico. While the country is popular with families and couples looking for a luxurious getaway in an all-inclusive resort, thrillseekers will no doubt realise that one of the best ways to discover a destination is to get stuck straight into the action.

Holidays to Yucatan enable you to learn about the history and culture of Mexico, with the state's capital of Merida packed with bustling plazas and museums. The nation is also full of temples and ruins, with the Uxmal and Palenque jungle ruins well worth visiting.

At Palenque you can enjoy a guided jungle tour so you can learn more about the plant and animal life that calls this part of the world home. See a different side to the jungle at the Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park, where you can snorkel underneath the greenery and discover its underground caverns.

If you want to spend more time in the waters of Mexico, why not book a scuba diving lesson at the Tulum coastal ruins in Playa del Carmen? After a full day's adventure you can then chill out on its beautiful stretches of stunning white sand.

America is certainly a leading destination if you like to enjoy a break that not only throws you into the centre of the action and fun, but also provides you with ample opportunity to sit back, relax and take in your breathtaking surroundings, from the snowy plains of Alaska to the turquoise seas of Mexico.