Battlefields School Trips


Battlefields School Trips

As any history teacher will know, it can be difficult to engage today's youngsters with things that happened in the past.

Here at STS Travel, we aim to help you engage your pupils with the history curriculum through tailored trips to some of the most important historic sites in Europe.

One of the major areas of study for students at both Key Stage 3 (KS3) and GSCE level is the Great War.

We offer battlefields school trips to help you teach your students about this difficult period.

Which battlefields do you visit?

While continental Europe provides many opportunities to examine battles in the First World War, one of our most popular options are school trips to the Somme.

This horrific time during the Great War can be difficult for students to grasp in the confines of a classroom and a visit to the actual site of the battle can help them comprehend the scale of death and destruction that occurred.

We will take you on a tour to some of the most significant points at the Somme, including offering guided excursions into the tunnels and a visit to the Lochnagar crater at La Boisselle, which is the only one to be open to the public.

Other areas of interest, including many of the war memorials erected to the soldiers of every nationality, are also on our itinerary for any trips to the Somme.

You can take your students to see the Thiepval, the largest British war memorial in the world, which bears the names of 73,357 British and South African soldiers known to have lost their lives at the Somme between July 1916 and March 20th 1917.

What else do you offer on trips to the Somme?

As well as helping you to design an itinerary suitable for the age range and study level of your students, we can also provide workbooks to help aid learning during the tour.

We offer course books for both KS3 and GCSE students designed to fit in with our touring programmes.

Other advantages to booking a battlefields trip through STS Travel are help sorting out travel arrangements - such as booking a coach and ferry crossings - and a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, as well as any special requirements.