Natural and historical sites to visit on Ibiza villa holidays

Friday, 23 September 2011 10:56 AM

Explore Ibiza's stunning coastline

Explore Ibiza's stunning coastline

If you've been browsing villas for rent in the Balearic Islands to take in some wonderful natural sights, Ibiza may have passed you by. Don't be put off by the island's reputation as a party central, as it also has much to offer in the way of fascinating environmental and geological attractions.

The Spanish island boasts some wonderful natural and historical features, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you book a getaway here, you can explore the Can Marca Caves, view Las Salinas Salt Flats and pay a visit to Es Vedra Rock, among other notable attractions.

Before you begin, you'll need to find accommodation for your stay. Why not book into self-catering villas? This way, you can spend as much time outside as you like without having to rush to get back in time for dinner.

Choosing your own private place to stay is also a great way to relax in a home from home, especially if the villa you choose has its own pool.

Once your accommodation is organised and you're ready to explore, make your way to the Can Marca Caves in San Miguel. These chambers are hundreds of years old and can be accessed by walking along a cliff-top path, around 12 metres above sea level.

Take in the amazing panoramic views and make your way inside the caves, which are almost fossilised and were used historically by smugglers to stow goods. Once you've toured the network of caverns and enjoyed the amazing music and light show at the centre, make your way to the nearby beach, which boasts golden sand and is lined with pine trees.

Another top spot to visit on a trip to Ibiza is Es Vedra Rock - a famous landmark and mysterious structure. Almost 400 m high, the limestone island is steeped in myth and legend.

Age-old rumours say the rock is the island of the sirens referred to in Homer's epics, while others claim it is the holy island of the Phoenician goddess of fertility, Tanit. Additionally, the structure is given as a landing place for aliens among some locals.

During your stay in Ibiza holiday villas you might also like to call in at the Las Salinas Salt Flats - one of Ibiza's most renowned landmarks. Located on the southernmost tip of the island, the salt fields evaporate during the warm weeks of summer, leaving behind sparkling pure salt - which was known in years gone by as white gold, such was its value.

Another natural creation to view is God's Finger - a large finger-shaped rock in the sea at Benirras Bay - while you might like to journey to the Phoenician-Punic cemetery of Puig des Molins, which dates back to the sixth century, to take in another UNESCO site.

And when you feel like venturing into the town, you'll find medieval fortifications and a Gothic 13th century chapel to admire, as well as Punic water tanks and other traditional Ibicenco cultural sites.

There is plenty more to Ibiza than you may have first imagined. Ancient ruins, astounding natural feats and historical buildings combine to make this the ideal spot for a getaway that allows you to delve into the island's culture - past and present. Book your break today.